Environmental Services

Natural gas infrastructure

5.537 meter-long natural gas underground pipeline starting from the Natural Gas Transmission station of the company in Çestepe district to all buildings in the campus was constructed.  

Rain Water Line

A 3.766 meter-long underground rainwater pipeline was built and this pipeline removes the rainwater to the main branch on the campus. With the pond to be made by collecting the rainwater, the campus will have an aesthetic look. Besides, this pond will be used to water the plants on the campus and thus, efficient use of the water will be ensured. 

Yağmur suyu hattı

Bartin University Kutlubey Campus Pond Project
Bartin University Kutlubey Campus Pond and Surrounding Project were prepared by the Department of Landscape Architecture. It was aimed to solve the drainage problem detected in the study area with high groundwater and to collect rainwater. It is thought that this pond, which is planned to contribute to the campus irrigation system, will increase the visual landscape quality at the entrance of the campus with the natural reeds formed around it. In this context, the principles of sustainable land use planning that direct the structural and vegetative landscape practices in the project area are as follows:

  • Selecting the appropriate location for the uses,
  • Ecological engineering solutions,
  • Rainwater control (Ecological pond proposal),
  • Minimization of impermeable coated surfaces,
  • Circulation system that provides access to the surrounding areas and areas within the project,
  • Land forming (lawn amps).

Kutlubey Campus Lake