Our Students Supported 'Sustainable Green Campus' Studies with Authentic Learning Activities

Our Students Support 'Sustainable Green Campus' with Authentic Learning Activities

The students of our university take their courses outside of the classes with the slogan of ‘We have fun by learning’. In line with this, the courses of  "Organic Agriculture Program", "Landscape and Ornamental Plants Program" of the Bartın Vocational School, and the "Department of Landscape Architecture" of the Faculty of Engineering were applied in our authentic learning environment on our Kutlubey Campus.

The courses held in the green areas in Kutlubey Campus. Prof. Dr. Zafer Kaya and Dr. Lecturer Member Cevdet Gümüş and Lecturer Veli Koca told about the invasive plants and their recognition and ways to get rid of them without harming nature.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun, Prof. Dr. Erol Kırdar and Prof. Dr. Ali Durkaya from Faculty of Forestry also participate in the course, and the application of the topics discussed with the students was also realized.

The course is conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Artar from the Department of Landscape Architecture. He gave information about landscape practices in the campus area.

  • 5000 Saplings were Planted Within the Scope of "National Afforestation Day" and "Breathing to the Future" Campaign!


  • Our Students Supported 'Sustainable Green Campus' Studies with Authentic Learning Activities

  • For a Green, Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable University We are Planting Trees at Kutlubey Campus

  • Nature-Based Solutions in Climate Change Adaptation Process in Urban Spread Areas

  • "Bioethanol Project" Continues in Two Countries at The Same Time

  • "GreenMetric Meeting" was held with the Unit Representatives of the University (9 October 2019)

  • "GreenMetric" Turkey National Workshop was Held

  • “Gökbörü” Entered Top 10 at TÜBİTAK's Electric Vehicle Races.

  • Bartın University Continues to Work for "Green Campus"